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Possums are New Zealand’s most well-known pests with an estimated 30 million yet to be caught (although rats and mice may out number them).

In 1946, possums were officially declared a pest in the New Zealand environment. By 1950 possums were found in over half of New Zealand and they kept spreading.

Possum spread from 1850 – 1990 in New Zealand. Landcare Research Ltd.

We know that possums have a significant impact on many of New Zealand’s natural ecosystems, and aside from feral cats (also a big issue) there’s no easy way to remove them, aside from trapping or poisoning. There are now huge trapping initiatives underway, an in our area of Wainui, by collectively tackling the problem we can make a difference.

Possum Facts

Possums damage our native forests by browsing on foliage, flowers and fruit. They also prey on our native fauna and compete with native birds and reptiles for food sources such as nectar

Possum Traps

You might have seen the industry workhorse, the Timms trap, but there are many more effective traps available these days. Our guide will help choose the trap that’s right for you.

Possum Trapping Tips

Possums spend around 85% of their time in trees, have a poor sense of smell, and males vs females have very different behavior. Here’s our possum trapping tips.

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