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About Us

The idea of reWild Wainui was seeded at a monthly Wainui Residents Association meeting in 2020, presented by Karin Bos from Akaroa Trap Library. It was a popular session and clearly there was a great deal of enthusiasm for trapping!

New “part time” resident Lawrence Smith (Jubilee Rd) had been trapping for a few months, but without a great deal of success. Karin inspired him to learn more, and within months he had caught dozens of rats, possums and ferrets. As an IT person, he was also interested in layering technology over his efforts, and installed a number of cameras, one being a Cacophony Project camera.

Needless to say he was a little shocked at how many pests there actually were, most walking right past the traps! So he set out to learn more about the pests and behaviour, talk to many experts, and in the process he wondered if residents of Wainui might be interested in taking a similar journey. reWild Wainui (the working title) was born.

Rather however than just focusing on removing pests, the idea was expanded to help improve the habitat for our native species as well. This includes the removal of pests (plants and animals), in addition to habitat restoration and planting, leading to a more attractive environment in which to live, for birds and people! So the idea of reducing Weeds, removing Pests, and replanting Natives developed.

Next Steps

The project could be as big, or small, as we like. Individually we can make a difference, as a community we can make a greater one with a common goal and coordinated plan. See what we believe comes next.

Or, Get in Touch

I’m always keen to talk about your trapping, ideas, experience or initiatives! Please do drop me a line. Either register to “Get Wild” or contact me directly for a chat.

Lawrence Smith
Jubliee Rd
ph: 021346486
email: [email protected]

Let’s work together to help reWild Wainui!

Join our community initiative to reduce Weeds, remove Pests and replant Natives.

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