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Reduce Weeds

We often think of “weeds” as those we find in our garden, but our context we think of them as invasive plants that can alter or prevent regeneration of native species.

They achieve this by different methods and can invade intact native forests and bush remnants by either smothering the trees (e.g. old man’s beard) or smothering the ground and preventing native seedlings from regenerating.

ECan has identified the “dirty dozen” (PDF download), and of those probably only 4 are more prevalent on Banks Peninsula. Note gorse and broom are not necessarily recognised as weeds when considering regeneration of native plantings, as they provide a nursery and shelter for young seedlings. Hinewai is recognised as the best example of this.

Why we’re doing this?

Pests aside, creating a great habitat for our native fauna and flora is one of the most important things we can do to help them flourish in our valley. If they don’t have a home, and more importantly a safe home, then at best they will be “flatting” in our valley, prone to being moved on, or killed by predators, at any time.

Invasive weeds smother natives and prevent our native plants from regenerating into the rich bush environment that used to exist.

What can you do?

Identify invasive weeds on your property and look to reduce and remove them over time. It is a process, but an enormously worthwhile one. The native bush may not regenerate without your help.

What we’re targeting?

Old Mans Beard

Banana Passionfruit
Grey WIllow

More Information:

reducing Weeds

Invasive weeds smother native forest, bush or the ground and prevent native seedlings from regenerating. Removing weeds gives our native vegetation a chance to return to its natural state and provide a home for bird and insects.  

removing Pests

The impact of introduced predators has had a devastating impact on many native species, with a massive decline in numbers or, sadly, extinction. Removing pests is the #1 way to help revive our native birds, insects and invertebrates.

replanting Natives

Banks Peninsula was covered in a rich and diverse forest that supported an abundant bird and animal population. Regeneration of their “home” is an important step in helping these populations return.

Let’s work together to help reWild Wainui!

Join our community initiative to reduce Weeds, remove Pests and replant Natives.

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