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Rats in New Zealand are introduced pests and threaten the long-term survival of native species.

Ship and Norway rats have a major impact because they are omnivores – eating birds, seeds, snails, lizards, fruit, birds, eggs, chicks, larvae and flowers. The varied diet of rats also makes them competitors with native wildlife for food sources. Ship rats are good climbers and attack tree-dwelling birds such as kererū, pīwakawaka and tūī.

They are rife in our outdoor environment and are as important as any other pest to remove.

Rat Facts

Rats are a common pest, in our houses and in the bush. We have two main types so it’s important to understand the type of rat your trying to catch to improve your chances.

Rat Traps

There are many different types of rat traps available, here’s our take which traps are likely to be most effective for you.

Rat Trapping Tips

While rats are numerous, the are wily creatures and can present a challenge to catch. Here’s the what, where and how of trapping rats!

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