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Rat Traps

There are many many different types of rat traps. You will have seen them at Bunnings or Mitre 10, but typically these are designed for household or indoor use. For outdoor situations we typically need something a little more robust that can withstand the weather, be effective in catching rats, but at the same time minimising risk to other animals such as birds.

Adding further complication, is that because Norway rats can be much larger than ship rats, some traps won’t be as effective, or as the industry likes to say, meet the NAWAC standards. These standards are designed to ensure the pests are killed quickly and humanely.  If a trap doesn’t pass meet the standard it’s not illegal to use it and it may well still kill the pest, but potentially not as humanely as other traps.

Given that, in our experience here are traps that may deliver the best results for you. But, with that comes a caveat. Cameras have proven that a percentage of pests won’t enter a trap. So this is a long game, where currently we’re helping suppress populations, until a game changer comes along. And it will, and our efforts are enormously valuable right now for our native flora and fauna.

A Tunnel

Dependent on where your trap comes from, it might already be inside a tunnel. If not, you can buy them, or they are relatively easy and cheap to build your own. Tunnels have three functions and to meet NAWAC standards they must be used:

  1. Orientate the animal relative to the trap,
  2. Disguise and protect the trap, and
  3. Keep out non-target species.

Tunnel and a Victor Professional


Mustelid Tunnel with a Doc 200 combo

DOC 150, 200 or 250 in a Wooden Tunnel


Rat Facts

Rats are a common pest, in our houses and in the bush. We have two main types so it’s important to understand the type of rat your trying to catch to improve your chances.

Rat Traps

There are many different types of rat traps available, here’s our take which traps are likely to be most effective for you.

Rat Trapping Tips

While rats are numerous, the are wily creatures and can present a challenge to catch. Here’s the what, where and how of trapping rats!

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