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Possum Traps

If trapping can be fun, then possum trapping surely is it! There are lots of them, they are inquisitive, and you can build up good catch tally’s quickly if you live in a target rich environment. But, all is not milk and honey. Over time it will get harder to catch them partly because there are less of them, and partly because the ones left might be more trap shy.

There are currently 8 NAWAC approved possum traps on the market, and many more that are not approved, such as the industry workhorse, the Timms trap. All of the traps are “snap” traps, and all but one and single catch traps, the NZ Autotrap being the only automated multi-catch trap.

Most also are tree mounted, yet we know possums spend a great deal of time on the ground. None of these traps are perfect and none of them will catch ALL of your possums. But using a variety of traps and baits, maybe supplemented with shooting, dogs, or poison your chances of wiping out your local population is increased!  


Timms Trap

Flipping Timmy

NZ Auto Traps – AT220

Possum Facts

Possums damage our native forests by browsing on foliage, flowers and fruit. They also prey on our native fauna and compete with native birds and reptiles for food sources such as nectar

Possum Traps

You might have seen the industry workhorse, the Timms trap, but there are many more effective traps available these days. Our guide will help choose the trap that’s right for you.

Possum Trapping Tips

Possums spend around 85% of their time in trees, have a poor sense of smell, and males vs females have very different behavior. Here’s our possum trapping tips.

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