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The Wild Plan

Given the early stage of the project, it might be a stretch to say we “have a plan”, but we certainly have a few ideas on where we could go! Firstly however, we need to consider why we’re doing this? We see this simply expressed as …

Further enhancing Wainui as a haven in which nature and people thrive

The pathway to achieving that is likely to be a collaboration with the community and landowners, ensuring we can support the regeneration of native plants and bush. In turn, this creates an environment for our native fauna, specifically our birds, to thrive and flourish.

In terms of how we get there, we see three key opportunities. While they are to some extent interdependent, for example you need a great habitat before bird populations will flourish, we individually may choose a specific path. Yet collectively by pursuing these three opportunities as a community, we can make a more significant impact than we can as individuals.

reducing Weeds

Invasive weeds smother native forest, bush or the ground and prevent native seedlings from regenerating. Removing weeds gives our native vegetation a chance to return to its natural state and provide a home for bird and insects.  

removing Pests

The impact of introduced predators has had a devastating impact on many native species, with a massive decline in numbers or, sadly, extinction. Removing pests is the #1 way to help revive our native birds, insects and invertebrates.

replanting Natives

Banks Peninsula was covered in a rich and diverse forest that supported an abundant bird and animal population. Regeneration of their “home” is an important step in helping these populations return.

Let’s work together to help reWild Wainui!

Join our community initiative to reduce Weeds, remove Pests and replant Natives.

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