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Mustelid Traps

Stoats, ferrets and weasels are similar but different creatures. While all classed as mustelids, they vary in size, and more importantly behaviour.  Having said that, the trap types are somewhat similar, with ferrets being the exception with their larger size.

Regardless, stoats are typically the main problem. But, in Jubilee Rd, we have so far this year caught 6 ferrets and 1 weasels, no stoats. So it’s best to be open minded!

A number of traps are approved for stoats, fewer for ferrets, we’ll tackle them at the end. No trap has been tested for weasels, in part as they are less common, but expect any trap that is approved for a stoat to deal with a weasel.

Mustelid Tunnel with a DOC 200 combo

DOC 150, 200 or 250 in a Wooden Tunnel

Live Capture Tunnel Trap

DOC 250 Mustelid Tunnel (Ferrets)

PodiTrap (Ferrets)

Stoat & Ferret Facts

Mustelids includes ferrets, stoats and weasels with stoats in particular being NZ’s pest “serial killers”. While of the same family they are all a little different.

Stoat & Ferret Traps

Mustelids vary in size from the small weasels to the considerably larger ferret. This means that one trap does not kill them all, find out which ones do.

Stoat & Ferret Trapping Tips

Similarly, what works for one, may not work for the other. Checkout these top tips for increasing your chances of catching a stoat, ferret or weasel.

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