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Trapping pests can initially be a little daunting. But it’s surprisingly contagious! And before you know it, you‘ll probably be able to quote your catch totals to any and all who are interested!

The key to trapping is surprisingly simple …

Know thy pest

The more you know about the pest you are targeting, the more effective your efforts will be.  So for the best results, an effort to learn, trial, and improve is an important part of an effective strategy.

But we appreciate not everyone has the time or interest. So hopefully in the following pages we’ll be able to provide some shortcuts and enable you to achieve some great trapping outcomes!


Rats are introduced pests in New Zealand and threaten the long-term survival of native species.


Stoats, ferrets and weasels are collectively known as mustelids. Stoats are highly effective killers.


Possums have a significant impact on many of New Zealand’s natural ecosystems.

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