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Akaroa Trap Library

The Akaroa trap library is a community run library loaning traps to residents of the Akaroa Basin and outer bays, for the control of rats, possums, ferrets stoats and weasels.

The trap library operates from a building located next to the Akaroa Mens Shed, situated on the Corner Pawsons Valley & Akaroa Roads, Duvauchelle. Traps can be borrowed for 3 months, with an option of borrowing them longer if you are catching lots of pests, and are checking and rebaiting the traps regularly.

There is no cost to borrowing traps, but donations are happily accepted as the organisation is run by volunteers and exists on the smell of an oily rat trap! Bait is also free and advice on trap placement and trapping techniques is also freely available, to help you improve your trapping successes!

The following traps are typically available to borrow:

Tunnel and a Victor Professional

DOC 150, 200 or 250 in a Wooden Tunnel


Other traps available include:

  • A Goodnature A24 rat (and stoat) trap, they are powered by a C02 gas canister and can reset themselves up to 24 times. Long-life lures have been developed to accompany the trap and ensure rats remain attracted to the trap.
  • Live capture traps, typically designed to catch feral cats. You will have to dispatch the captured pest however!

Contact Details & Location:

Hours: Every 2nd Saturday of the month, 10am – 12 noon
Address: Corner Pawsons Valley & Akaroa Roads, Duvauchelle
Email[email protected]

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